Would You Attend a B2B Growth Retreat?


Hey, welcome back to another solo episode of BB growth. Just a quick question for for those listening to this. Would you be interested in coming to a BOB growth retreat? I The I use the term retreat there instead of conference, because I think this is going to be a smaller event, you know, probably no more than a hundred people. As I kind of think through what I would what I would want the event to to look like in the goals that I would want it to accomplish, want it to be a much more intimate group of people. You know, obviously you know focused in the Bob Space, you know, marketing, maybe maybe some sales, you know, CEOS, and I want it to be the focus to be more around the connection of other people in the Bob Space, less around, hey, come listen to this big time speaker do a key note. So it...

...would probably be, you know, heavier on the smaller breakouts that are very have focus on, like very targeted content, where those breakouts would have, you know, may maybe maybe ten to twelve folks in them. So that style of an event, more of a retreat than a conference. If you're interested or if you would be interested in doing something like that, just shoot me an email james at sweetfish mediacom. Just say interested in the in the subject line and you mention this episode. Doesn't need to be a long email. If I can get like five people to email me and say that they're interested in doing this, I really think it might be something that I try to pull off by the end of two thousand and eighteen. I think with the quality of the guests that we've had on the show and the relationships that I've been able to build with him, I just really think I could get...

...some quality some some quality people to show up to this thing. But I want to know if it's something that people are would even you know you'll be interested in attending before I go and and ask the guests that have been on the show to be a part of it, or would obviously open it up to listeners as well. But just shoot me an email, James of sweetish Mediacom, and let me know if a beb growth retreat would be something that you're interested in. Thanks A lot,.

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