B2B Growth: Your Daily B2B Marketing Podcast
B2B Growth: Your Daily B2B Marketing Podcast

Episode 2037 · 4 months ago

How to Utilize LinkedIn for Your Demand Gen Strategy


As we wrap up our demand generation series, Lesley Crews shares her final thoughts on the deep dive, and shares she and the team at Sweet Fish have been utilizing LinkedIn for their demand gen strategy. 

Yeah, What is up everybody? Welcome back toBBB growth. My name is Leslie cruise with sweet fish media. It is April 30which makes it the final day of our deep dive into demand generation. Icannot believe how quickly this month has flown by every other month here onGDP growth. We are going to be diving into a very specific topic, februarywas a B. M. The entire month of april. We've been covering demand generationand stay tuned for our june deep dive topic that will be announcing very verysoon. We're really excited about it and I know it's going to be beneficial to alot of you as well so we're pumped. So the idea to discuss demand generationall came about a few months ago when I was talking with dan Sanchez, ourdirector of audience growth here at Sweet fish. For those of you who don'tknow for the past two years I've been working behind the scenes to produce meto be growth never on the front end of the pike, But Dan and I were talkingabout how I've always been interested and really excited about trends andthings happening, social media marketing and kind of where it fitsinto B two b. He asked me what I knew about demand generation and I washonest and said absolutely nothing. So he encouraged me to research the topic,find some of the best B two B marketers who are practicing demand gen daily andlearn as much as I could about it, which is what brought on this deep diveand be hosting and if you've been enjoying this series, thank you so muchfor listening. And for all of the encouragement, I've been reading everymessage on linkedin and um all of your connections. It's been really, reallyawesome to meet so many new people through this deep dive. This was myfirst time really hosting a podcast at all. And I've learned so muchthroughout the process of this project, not only about demand generation, butabout hosting as well. So I'm really excited to kind of take that and runwith it in my career and moving forward, we'll kind of see what happens. I'mreally excited about it. So for the past month I've been interviewingthought leaders and vendors who have implemented successful demand jinstrategies and their organizations. I've talked to so many wonderfulsuccessful marketers who have willingly share their best practices, advice onimplementing demand generation strategies, and even some advice foryoung marketers who are interested in a demand general and what next steps theycould take you to get there. I've...

...learned something very different fromeach of these marketers. So in my last solo episode, I kind of wrapped upeverything I've learned in the past couple of weeks and a few tips andtricks that I heard from these marketers. But I did want to take justa moment to highlight a conversation that I had recently with GabrielEhrlich. And if you haven't listened that episode, I highly encourage you to,we talked a lot about utilizing linkedin and how you can use it toreally humanize your business and essentially jumpstarted demand genstrategy. So the short of is this on linked in the best way to rise analgorithm is really to be an active participant on the platform. And thisis something that we've been practicing here at Sweet Fish recently. This meanspublishing content, posting comments and reacting to post on a regular basis.It's really not that hard guys. It's actually very, very simple. People makeit a lot harder than it needs to be. All you have to do is publish content,published, good content, you know, make a status about literally anything youwant, as long as it's relevant to your audience, but also going further thanthat, interacting with other people on linkedin. I get questions all the timefrom customers who are asking me, hey, you know, I'm not getting very muchengagement on linkedin, what can I be doing differently? And I always ask thesame question, are you engaging with others? Are you commenting? Are youliking, are you, you know, connecting with other people in the industry? Andthe answer is always no, that's why you're not getting engagement. You haveto connect, you have to leave comments, make yourself known on the platform.The upside to Lincoln is you really don't have to write, you know, walls oftext or spend hours on the platform to be considered active. Something assimple as saying congratulations or you know, giving a post two thumbs up isenough to really increase your profiles visibility to people who aren't evenfollowing you yet. Although we do recommend leaving comments rather thanjust giving a like because it has such a different effect. Another way toincrease visibility and search ability of your content is through tagging, forexample, tagging a colleague or company in an update will result in anotification to anyone you mentioned. Additionally, if anyone mentioned reactto comments on your post, those actions...

...will make your post visible tofollowers of those people or companies. We also recommend tacking on a couplehashtags between two and three. I would not leave 10 plus hashtags on yourlinkedin status but doing so can help your content trend for a particularhashtag which in turn will result in more notifications for your followers.These are just a few simple ways to utilize Lincoln and a demand genstrategy. And again, it's something we've actually been doing here at SweetFish completely unprompted. Our entire producer team has been so eager andexcited about posting quality content and being active on linkedin by myselfhave really been active the past couple of weeks, especially because of thisdeep dive. But I've learned so much about marketing and podcasting ingeneral that I just wanted to share it with people and it's been workingreally well for organization. You know, not only are we making ourselvesvisible in this space, but our company as well. So if you stuck around for theentire series of demand generation, let me know your thoughts, connect with meon linkedin at Leslie Cruise and send a DM tell me which episodes have stuckout to you the most. Tell me how you're implementing demand generation intoyour organization. You know, drop some hosting tips. If you have any advicelike hey, that episode really sucked. Let me know be honest. I always takeconstructive criticism and yeah, I have really, really enjoyed doing this deepdive and make sure you stay tuned for our upcoming deep dive in june. It'sgoing to be a really good one. Thanks for joining me here on GDP Growth. Thenext time is the decision maker for your productor service Abebe marketer. Are you looking to reach those buyers throughthe medium of podcasting? Considered becoming a co host of GDP growth. Thisshow Is consistently ranked as a top 100 podcast in the marketing categoryof Apple Podcasts and the show gets more than 130,000 downloads each month.We've already done the work of building the audience so you can focus ondelivering incredible content to our listeners. If you're interested, emailLogan at Sweet Fish Media dot com.

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