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Episode 1725 · 7 months ago

From Gen Z to B2B: TikTok Strategy for Your Brand, with Emily Brady


In this episode, Benji talks to Emily Brady, Creative Content Lead at Sweet Fish Media.

Read the Full Guide here:

From Gen Z to B2B: How to Execute a TikTok Strategy for Your Brand - Sweet Fish Media

Discussed in this episode:

  1. Why your company should be on TikTok
  2. TikTok Strategies that win
  3. B2B TikTok case studies

Conversations from the front lines and marketing. This is be tob growth. Today I'm here with our very own Emily Brady to discuss her research and her latest work she recently put out from Gen Z to be to be. How to execute a tick Tock strategy for your brand, emily, this is going to be a really, I think, an insightful conversation and one that a lot of marketers will be interested on. So thanks for jumping on the show today. Yeah, of course I'm excited to talk about it's been a long time coming. Okay, so, before we jump to the guide, this report, give me some of the origin stories, like your time on ticktock and then what leads to going. We need to create this guide for be to be specifically. Yeah, so I started on ticktock back in October. Started testing it out to see if it would work for sweetfish. I was on Tick Tock in two thousand and twenty like when it was really cool, just my personal account, and then deleted it needed to save the time, and then got back on just now. You get paid to do ticktock, so that's right. So waste of time. Yeah, so jumped on to test it out and see if there was some potential there, which at that time, you know, last year in October, it like nobody, nobody in B tob was on ticktock. So we were kind of trying to pave the way with that and I'm still still on it, still going strong, because we've seen a lot of success for us as far as our brand affinity and brand awareness, and a lot of other companies have used it for other goals as well. So yeah, so my goal is to make edutainment content that's educational and entertaining. HMM. Okay, so you know, it's a very small pond when you first jump on. We wouldn't say that it's grown to be like these crazy amount of be to be brands over there, but you've seen some development, what a little bit in the last eight or so months. Yeah, there's definitely, I would say, like be Tob Tick Tock, influencers, like the very few could have gone really viral with some other stuff. You probably seen them all over Linkedin, but as a whole, like it's still really new for be to be, HMM. And a lot of companies asking questions. I know even you're getting a lot of questions because people are sort of wondering if they should dip their toes in the water, wondering if they have what it takes to make it a worthwhile platform to jump into. It's true. Okay, well, I think there's a lot here to go into and the guide. Obviously we want to push people to go read the full thing over on the sweet fish website. Will put a link in the show notes so you can do that. What as a whole did you set out to cover? Are you just going Tick Tock broadly? For be to be, what's the guide all about? Yeah, so I spent all of last quarter doing research and gathering little tidbits on Linkedin from people who have done tick tock and my goal is really just to have like a comprehensive...

...guide of if you are not on tick tock yet, here's what it is, here's how to use it, here people who are doing it well. So I kind of cover everything from like getting started to how the Algorithm works to strategies that you would probably find successful and influencers and all of that. But my goal is to just to help Bab brands learn more about tick tock. I think, kind of going back to where we were just saying, the space that we're occupying right now is one where some people are in the water. They're like, Oh, come on it, tick tocks great, but there's like quite a few standing on the sidelines wondering if they should so let's go there first, in what you've compiled, like why should it be to be brand beyond ticktock? What are those top reasons you think to actually get on that platform? Yeah, so I didn't make this guy to convince anyone to get on tick tock if it's not in alignment with their goals. But I think for those who are thinking about it and curious about it, like I want to encourage them to actually explore this and I think if your brand is you could accomplish several goals on ticktock. You could go for brand awareness, or you might be trying to get leads and close deals in a lot of people have done it. Maybe you're going for thought leadership content just to educate your audience, or even recruiting talent. So if any of those, if you have any of those goals and you have the capacity to, you know, to hire someone to do social media for your brand, or if you have someone doing it already, then I think that this is a great fit for you because content is trending a lot more. Video is trending a lot more towards short form content. Right. So Youtube is big, but tick tock is kind of edging them out a little bit coming in, and nothing's ever going to replace Youtube, but people are people like this like short form content. HMM. Yeah, very bite size. It's so easy to just jump on Tick Tock for a couple minutes, versus like Youtube, you're kind of going for some length. So okay, I wanted to hit on one of the things you said, which was using it as a recruiting tool. What is that looks like? How do you see organizations doing that? Well, yeah, so I had a couple examples in this guide. One of them is Chili Piper, and Chili Piper is like crushing it at recruiting talent on Tick Tock because they're such a wellknown brand in so many on so many platforms. But I've noticed they mostly use tick tock to recruit talent, and so they'll post like about their company benefits and what makes them a great company to work for, what it is they do and what kind of talent they're looking for. They had a post recently about how they were looking to hire a role and they posted on tick tock and they had like hundreds of applicants within a few hours. Open phone also did this. Within twenty four hours they had a thousand applicants for a role. So it's crazy. It's tough to say like how many of these were actually qualified, but there's got to be. There's got to be some in there. And so because...

...there's a lot, even though there are not a lot of people be to be creating content on tick tock, there are a lot consuming content on tick tock and it's because everyone's curious about it, even if they don't know how to use it yet. I mean, and I see this in my own experience, a lot of my followers are and B tob and I'll go check out their profile and they have nothing posted. So people are consuming content even if they're not creating it. So that makes it a good space to recruit talent and so like in a Chili Piper example, that's just on tick tock or not repurposing it on Linkedin and getting there and engagement there. Yeah, I mean, to my knowledge I'm pretty sure it's just from the videos that they've posted on ticktock. Yeah, okay, because that's the other side too. Is like you might not get the immediate audience over on Ticktock, but there is value, unlike making a tick tock video and sending it to Instagram, where you'll literally get you'll be put to death for that. So don't do that your you will not be promoted in the algorithm. Don't it's not even worth the effort. But putting your tick tock video on Linkedin, it's like a badge of honor. So you've seen a lot of companies have success there and you personally have had success that way. Yeah, and that's that's a controversial thing to you. I've heard a lot of people say like it's just hack to water mark your video with Tick Tock and put it on Linkedin, but I don't think I'm actually still a fan of it. Like I love seeing those videos on Linkedin and they stop me because it maybe that is a hack, but they stop me because I love to see I know that it's going to be like something I entertaining or something fun or something just a quick snippet of educational content, and that's how I I like doubled my followers on Linkedin just from when I started posting my tick tock videos on Linkedin. So and I know a lot of other people who are in BB marketing have done the same thing, like Todd Klouser. He crushed it with that. Like he his following on Tick Tock is actually not that big, but he went from like, I don't know, like two thousand and seven thousand followers on Linkedin and two months just from repurposing tick tock videos. They're very interesting and it's still so early that if there's like a small, small group of people that are like naysayers of it, whatever. I mean, clearly there's not a ton of people doing it. So it will stop the scroll simply because people are curious. What are you doing over on Tick Tock that could be relevant also on Linkedin. It leads me to kind of the case studies, which I really appreciated in this guide that you gave several examples. You want to highlight maybe a couple that stood out to you? Yeah, so we could talk about what refine labs is doing there. They are on Linkedin. Let's so starting with Linkedin. That's their primary platform, but they are really great at employee advocacy and they are one that I've seen that's done employ advocacy on tick tock as well. So I know todd classers. He's the face of it really, but Chris Walker is also on there, Ashley Lewin, a couple of other people from refine labs, which is really cool because when the will is so small, like I listed twenty individuals in this guide...

...and that's not a lot. And when the pool is that small, to have several people from your brand on the platform is really neat. And all as individuals, or are they all posting on a corporate page or as individual? So, and I can give some, you know, corporate and individual examples, but I mean we've talked about I'm a huge fan of getting your individual people on Linkedin on ticktock. But they've grown their audience a lot from that. Sales feed actually, so will aiken is in charge of sales feed social and they've like grown there following so much. We are looking at the guide as we go because there's a lot of content here that we can easily consume and scroll through. So okay, so sales feed, along with will aiken's personal account together has gained eightyzero followers. Yeah, which is insane. They've had five thousand link tree conversions over ten million views, so that's they've seen huge success. And then we've also got Stephen Pope and he has used videos on ticktock to close deals and he's actually he's a cool one because he's unique in that he I listed a lot of entertaining content creators, but he pretty much strictly does educational and he's a fun guy to but he posts educational content and he posted that. He posted one ticktock video and he made thirtyzero profit from closing one deal from that video. And that's just one. Like I know he's done so much more than that, but if you're utilizing it correctly, like you, you can accomplish your goals of increasing an audience in a following or increasing, you know, closing more deals and sales. So these are a couple of individuals who have done it. I listed at the bottom of this a couple of companies who've used tick tock, and their bigger companies anyway, like do a lingo. Everyone knows do a lingo and loves to a lingo, and their tick tock content and then shopify zoom adobe and I would encourage anyone listening to this go to the guide and look into those because it's so much more extensive than we can cover right now. But they've seen great success with Tick Tock. I always find it fascinating to like go and take talk. Is actually kind of funny to look out on a computer because it's just not a normal way you would engage with tick tock. But you can see so many more of the recent posts when you look on a screen and you can sort of see the cadence of how they're creating or like what's working and what's not, and you can compare all on the page. And so I was even like right before we jumped on to record this, I looked at morning bruise and you can notice like who they're typical creator is, versus some of the other people. They kind of have guest posting. Most of its comedic and not quite like educational or serious, and so getting an understanding of that mix I to, I think, to this early and be to be there's a lot of question marks around that, like is it really only funny content that works? Kild you make more educational content that can work. If you I think if you do it well and you have a strategy, there's probably a little niche that you could carve out, but right...

...now definitely funny content and very engaging content seems to be about it. Anything you would add there? I'm like, yeah, I agree with you, and maybe I'm biased because I am creating more entertaining content set of educational for my own brands. And so I mean it's there are people who do educational content, like I just said, Stephen Pope, Chris Walker, and they do it well, but I it's almost like Chris Walker already has an audience. So I feel like most people go to their tick tock because they already fell on linkedin. But the thing is, I think that tick tock is more of a like attention capturer and if people want to learn more and they want education, then they might just go to your linkedin and read more extensively there. So yeah, so I think that you need to find ways to grab attention and you can still do that with educational content on Tick Tock, but the most success you're going to see as if you're funny, if you're personable and likeable and that kind of thing. That brings us to kind of strategies right, strategies that work on Tick Tock. So you highlight a number of things here that things that you think will will win. We've talked about probably a few of these. You mentioned todd, but when it comes to like educational specifically, let's go there for a second, like because you're not fully in that space. I want you to get out of your comfort Zonela, like what do you think outside of Chris, who already had a platform, could work? What are things that maybe aren't happening fully in B tob but maybe you see elsewhere or that, like bedb could take a lesson from anything outside that that we should be paying attention to? Well, let me give you an example. Will Aken he does. He uses trending sounds and that's, I think, what has helped him grows audience a lot, because those are, you know, people click on those all the time and are searching for those and he's used those to be funny. But he also mixes in like quick tips. They're like really, really quick. Someone will ask a question, maybe in the comments, and he'll give an answer and he does a great job of mixing this up, whereas someone like like my content or talk classer. We're trying to put education into the funny video so they're there are two different ways to do it really and I think if you if you can gain credibility first, not necessarily credibility, if you can gain likability first from being personable, from being fun and there's definitely a way to do that too. I know that I'm hyping up entertainment, but sometimes it just falls flat. But if you can be funny and people agree that you're funny, I think you earn, you know, earn their trust to be able to give them tips. Then and depends when people are going to the platform to look for because people are also going to look for education, whereas you know, it's like when you search a youtube video like how to change my car's oil. Well, a lot of people are going to tick tock for that now because they want to learn how to do it in a minute instead of ten minutes. Yeah, get out all the fluff and, like you walking to your car, like, just start explaining it exactly. And so it's just a good platform because it's personable. So that's probably the number one...

...thing you want to optimize sports, just personability. And then once you get the audience. From that you can start going a little bit deeper into your knowledge. That's that's my opinion. Right. I think when we think of Tick Tock as well, we're probably also thinking like how do we actually start to gain some sort of audience? And you did a great job of basically saying here's how you would optimize for the algorithm. So you're there's several parts to how you think through a tick tock strategy. You'd have to have the right creative, the person you could put over this the time to actually invest in the medium, in the platform. Then you also have to have some sort of strategy that like works in the space, which is these are things you've been iterating on now for months. What have you found to be the videos that actually work the best, like what are some of those things that you've now optimized for that help videos be more successful? Yeah, well, for me personally, it's, I don't know, just finding like different ways to do like skids or sketches, and I think to actually, I want to add, maybe rewind for a second, that tick tock has really great, amazing organic reach potential and amazing like the Algorithm is just it's unique and it optimizes for Seo so well, whether you say something in a video or you put it in your caption or you put it text in your video. So the algorithm feeds your audience things that they're watching anyways or looking for. Like if you if a lot of your followers are in be to be, they're going to see your video if you're making a video about beauty marketing. So that's a huge, huge pro you know, it's kind of like how, you know I when I first start, I was watching like those cute dog videos and that's all I ever saw was dog videos. I was like, why am I only seeing these plans? Because I watched them. Yeah, and the Algorithm, just know, that's the thing about trending sounds to write, is like once you get in some sort of trending sound, once you've watched a couple of those, get ready like the next three days, all you're going to see is that trending sound. MMM, Yep. So it's nice to see an algorithm that rewards that content that you're creating something that's so niche. Like if you are just getting on Tick Tock, probably the best advice I could give you is to go super niche and be the poster boy for whatever it is they're advocating just because of the algorithm. So I actually forgot what the original question is, but there's there's some. It was about the algorithm. So that you are right on. That's exactly what we were talking about. Okay, so I have to make an apology to Dan Santez. He's out so he won't hear this. So but I think I've slightly I don't know that I would be as into it as he was, but he brought a case, example on a previous episode of Bet grows, where he was like really excited about potentially like podcasting on ticktock. You briefly mention it here, and this is why I was going to say I think I have slightly changed my mind in that there's a lot of videos that I've been engaging with that are really just podcast style and it's not necessarily two famous people talking to each other. But the the hook, which you is something...

...you mentioned here, like if you something that was entertaining engaging within like the first three seconds, but in a podcast format you can tell they were just recording sitting in a room, and I engage with that content a lot. I've seen it in my feet a lot where I'm still asking questions. Is Not just like, will a work in podcasting? I think yes, it works in podcasting for be to be podcasters. There are several things that might not work. One would be can you have high enough video quality to make it look good on ticktock? The second would be are you really having a conversation where you're asking questions? That or there's enough moments in your show that are engaging enough for ticktock, which I would say so far they're, probably is not. But I'm sort of starting to change my mind and thinking someone's going to do this really well where they figure out a way to have a more entertaining style. Would be to be conversation, and then they can repurpose that and get it in the feed with other, maybe more sketch type content, other be to be type content and it will stop the scroll. Do you agree at all? Do you think that I'm totally off base for starting to change my mind, or what a what are your thoughts? No, I don't think you're off base at all, Benji. I think I've seen podcast do well on ticktock and they're usually like a sort of like a talk show format or they have, you know, somebody really famous on there, in like a celebrity, and so I think those do well. But the problem is the biggest problem I see, and this is just this is just lazy marketing. I see a lot of people who have podcasts in the Bab space who just repurpose their microvideos onto tick tock and that doesn't York. It just doesn't work because, I mean like, I feel like people know that it's been repurpose. First of all, it's never formatted right that way. It has to be formatted for Tick Tock. Second of all, Tick Tock doesn't they penalize, you know, content that's not native. So I think I'm a huge advocate of repurposing your tick tock videos elsewhere. You can't do it vice versa. You can't take your content and repurpose it on too tick tock. You have to make it exclusively for Tick Tock and that, I think, is the biggest reason why they don't perform well on the platform. But I also agree with you in that you have to have good video quality and that kind of goes hand in hand with that, and you have to be you have to have really punchy, really fast tips in your conversation. So I think that if people could could get those things right, and I don't think they'd be too hard to get right, then they would see more success with their podcast on Tick Tock. If I drop emily in a new situation, you are no longer at sweet fish and now, knowing what you know, eight months in, new company doesn't have a tick tock page ready, so you're brought in to establish it. What's the first thing you're doing? What are you like getting figured out before you post video? One like where's your and Goo? When you think about starting over again now, first...

...thing to do is figure out what my goal is, like, why am I on Tick Tock? Why does this company want me on here? What are they trying to accomplish? And then, I think the second thing is really understanding your brand and your brand narrative and the niche that you're in, so that you can really understand your audience and who you're making this content for. And then, after those two things, I would just say just start experimenting, just start making videos and seeing what sticks and and what doesn't, and you know you'll grow from there because you know what resonates and you know what doesn't and you don't spend your time on that. So that's a very simplified version of a strategy. You were that mean. That's a great answer, but you should have said the first thing I would do is read from Gen Z to be to be this guide, and then I would do the rest from there. But that is where we want to end this conversation is just go check out the guide again. She has stats in here, reasons your brand should be on platform, how the algorithm work, strategies to win case studies and how to measure success. There's so much that we could have gone into, but I think this gives a pretty good taste of what you can expect, and now it's all in written form so that you don't have to just like, start from complete ground zero. You have pretty good idea and some people to follow as well. Emily, thank you for putting in so much hard work to this guide. I know it's going to be really beneficial for those that engage with it in are thinking about starting over on the platform and we appreciate the work you do here at Swee Fish. Thanks, Benjie. I Love, love working here. Awesome. Well to everybody listening. If you are finding this episode just because you're interested in tick tock and maybe you haven't listened to other be tob growth episodes, we'd appreciate if you followed the show. We're coming out with content that is helpful for your be to be marketing. We do that five days a week through interviews like this that are insightful and hopefully just help further your marketing skills. So, if you want to have a conversation with me or emily, were always active over on Linkedin and would love you reaching out to us and we will be back real soon with another episode. Be Tob growth is brought to you by the team at sweet fish media. Here at sweet fish, we produce podcasts for some of the most innovative brands in the world and we help them turn those podcasts into Microvideos, linkedin content, blog posts and more. We're on a mission to produce every leader's favorite show. Want more information, visit Sweet Fish Mediacom.

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