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The #FlipMyFunnel Podcast from Terminus re-launched on January 1.

If you enjoy B2B Growth, you're going to love this show.

Amazing content for B2B sales, marketing, and customer success professionals...5 days a week. 

I wanted to record a quick little miniepisode today to let you all know about a podcast that we just startedproducing for terminus called the flpmie Fonel podcast. If, if you're notfamiliar with terminus, they launched a movement around the category of ABM afew years ago called fmy funnel and few months ago, Singram came to me askingus to help him take his show, take their pod cast daily, so they hadstarted their podcast, maybe a year or two ago, but it wasn't t wasn'tsuperconsistent and they've partnered with sweetfish t to turn that show intoa daily show. That's going five days a week grow somelor to be to be growth.So if you're listening to this show, if you're listening to be to be growth,you are absolutely going to get a ton of value out of the Fl. My funnelpodcast. It's something that I am really proud to say that that sweetfishis producing, but the the content that...

...they've already shared in this firstweek it launched on January first or relaunched. I guess on January firstand th this first weeks, the first week of content has been phenomenal. I'vebeen getting a snapepeak of it before every episode goes alive. I thinkyou're really going to love it so search flit. My funnel pod cast orSangrim vagre in your podcast ap you'll find the show subscribe again you'regoing to love. It have a fantastic weekend.

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