Play the Long Game


So doing another solo episode. Last week talked about forgiveness and the story of my dad, and this week, so episode is going to be a little bit more focused on business, really around playing the long game. This is something that's sweet fish that our strategy directly correlates with. It is a very much a long game strategy. I'll share some numbers with you just to give you context. If you've been listening to this show for a while, you know that. You know our core strategy is inviting our ideal clients to be guests on our podcast. We create really great content with them, fueled by their expertise their knowledge, and make them look rocks, like rock stars. We distribute that content, but in doing so it in doing that type of content marketing, we are simultaneously creating a one to one relationship with that guest who, like I said before, is an ideal client for us, and... there's a high likelihood that that person can end up becoming a customer of ours. So it's this it's this one to one approach that also lends itself towards a one too mini you know, the content marketing approach of reaching the masses and then having people come to you that want to work with you. All that to say, the reason this is a longime approach is in the wonder one relationships that were building with guests. So so far, I'm recording this early March, in two thousand and eighteen, and up to this point we have closed nine deals. So we've got nine, nine new customers that have become sweetish clients. So far in two thousand and eighteen. Of those nine new deals, five of those customers have been guests on our podcast. Two of those customers have been a guest in the last two to three months. Three of those customers were a guest over a year ago, and it's...

...those people that were have been. We were a guess over a year ago. That, to me really brings home how much of a long game strategy this is. It's also short term. I said that. You know, we had a we've had we had one client talked about this on Linkedin the other day that six days after we did the interview, they ended up saying yeah, we want to we want to work with you. The timing was right. They were they were in a position where they wanted to do a podcast and and and that's what we do and so it worked that. It is rarely happens that quickly. But then we had another client. I think we interviewed them, I think a couple months ago, and that they're now a client. So it's it's short term, but it's also it's it's also long term. The fact that three of those new customers were a guest on our show over a year ago is crazy to me. But when you're when you're bought in on the strategy like this, the BP podcast strategy, where...'re inviting ideal clients to be a guest you, you can't be discouraged when it doesn't when you launch your show in three months later, it doesn't produce results and and that's the same with, I think, so many things in life. I was just at lunch, or wasn't even lunch, it was like a little coffee meeting with friend of mine that I hadn't connected with in a really long time and he's just getting his business off the ground and we were just saying, you know, the the people that win in life are the people that stay consistent with something, not with everything, but with with their thing. They are wildly consistent. They show up over and over and over and over and over again. And for me, being a relational person, I love having conversations with people, I love getting to know people, I love building relationships. So for me to do me a podcast makes sense.

Maybe for you it doesn't. Maybe you don't thrive in that and that environment. There's another thing that you need to do to drive the results that that you're looking to drive. But I think this idea of playing the long game, whatever it is, whatever strategy to you to ploy. Maybe it's not a bit you know bb podcast strategy, maybe it's something else. But knowing that nothing there are no there are no quick hits, like if you're if you're just chasing hack after hack after hack and and short term win after short term win, you're going to burn out. Find something that works, do it over and over and over again and and the rewards will will will be incredibly official. I mean we're we've been doing this podcast now for two years. We were seeing more more fruit from our show in the last two...

...months then we probably have in you know, in the first year and a half it builds, you get better at your craft, you get we've gotten we've fine tuned who we asked to be on a shit on the show. We fine tuned how we engage a sales conversation after the interview. Before we know we wouldn't mention anything about what we do on the interview. You know, there's you, you adapt in you and you get better at it and because of that you you end up compounding your success. But if you're always chasing the next the next quick hack, you don't give yourself to the time to get better and to figure out the nuances of it and ultimately see better results with it. So something the top of mine today. Hope you're enjoying these solo episodes. If you're not, we're having these release on Saturday,... you can just ignore your podcast feed on Saturdays if you do not like hearing just from me, but I like having a platform like this to to share my thoughts and how I'm thinking. You want to connect with me, would love to connect with you on Linkedin, twitter, email, James and sweetish Mediacom. Really love hearing from this community that we've built of listeners and and guess that if become listeners. So any, any, any note you send me saying Hey, love the podcast list in the podcast would be music to my eyes and I would. I would love to hear from you, so connect with me, linkedin twitter, and hopefully I will hear from you soon.

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