5 Ways to Use Gifts to Accelerate Your ABM Campaign


In this episode Dan Sanchez talked with Caleb Musser, CEO of Craftom, a gifting and shipping company. 

They discussed: 

  • How to make direct mail more personal
  • Creative ways to work gifts into existing sales conversations
  • 5 ways gifting can be used in ABM strategy

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Scaling One-to-Few and One-to-One Campaigns

In this episode, Dan Sanchez talks with Maria Edlefsen, Global ABM Program Manager at Ivalua, about how she finds and narrows down the highest potential accounts for ABM campaigns. 

Maria also explains: 

  • Where she goes to get a list of accounts and what attributes she uses to trim it down.
  • How to automate and scale an ABM campaign.
  • How sales and marketing can work together on an ABM campaign.
  • The difference between one-to-many campaigns and one-to-one campaigns.