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B2B Growth: Your Daily B2B Marketing Podcast

Episode 2032 · 4 months ago

What IS Demand Generation?


As we're getting ready to round out our series on demand generation, Lesley Crews shares what she's discovered so far on her journey into demand generation, advice she's received from others, and how she defines the term herself. 

Yeah, what's up everybody welcome back to BBBgrowth. My name is Leslie Cruise with Sweet fish media. If you are new here,you are coming in on the tail drive into demand generation every othermonth here on GDP growth, we're diving into a very specific topic. So februarydan dove into the topic of a b. M. And the entire month of april. We've beencovering demand generation. I cannot believe how fast this month has flownby, I can't believe that april is almost over. This deep dive hasdefinitely kept me busy but I have learned so much, it has been soinsightful for me and I think in my career going forward it's going to begreat and I know that a lot of our listeners have gotten a lot of insightfrom it as well. So I'm so thankful for everyone I've talked to for those whoare new and listening this idea all came about a few months ago when I wastalking to dan Sanchez, our director of audience growth here at Sweet Fish. Wewere talking about how I've always been interested in kind of social mediamarketing, organic versus paid and kind of where it fits into before I startedworking for Sweet Fish uh 2.5 years ago I was actually working for a mediacompany and I was doing social media for them and then my internshipsthrough college where all social media as well. So I've always had an interestthere and um I think it's growing obviously and demand generation as partof that. And dan asked me what I knew about demand generation and I said notmuch honestly. And so he encouraged me to research the topic, find some of thebest B2B marketers and practitioners who are practicing demand gen daily andthen learn as much as I could about the topic, which is what brought on thisdeep dive. So for the past month I've been interviewing thought leaders andvendors who have implemented successful and not so successful dimensionstrategies in their organizations. I've talked to so many wonderful successfulpeople in the last couple of weeks and I've learned something very differentfrom each of these marketers. Everyone kind of seems to have a differentdefinition on what demand generation...

...really is. And coming to this assomeone who knew nothing about demand generation. Over the past couple ofweeks, I've been able to kind of craft my own definition as to what I think itis and how I feel about it. And for me, demand generation is creating interestin your products or services to build healthy pipeline of qualified leads foryour sales team. So in my opinion, to break that down a little bit, demandgeneration is really about kind of taking a step back and making yourtarget audience care about what you're selling, which is crucial. That's whereit starts, right? So shifting that audience perspective so that theyunderstand not just what you and your company do, but what problem you'retrying to solve for them, Right? So how can you make their life and their dayto day job easier rather than focusing on selling your products, selling yoursolution, demand generation kind of creates that awareness of a need at all,which is really taking it further back than people tend to think, right, sohelp your audience recognize that they need what you offer in order to createdemand in your business. And if you're able to do this well with the rightstrategies, demand generation can really create awareness with yourdesired audience and beyond really delivering more qualified leads to yoursales team and help link your marketing efforts back to revenue. And this isreally important because if you're able to do this well with the rightstrategies, demand Generation can really create awareness with yourdesired audience and beyond uh deliver more qualified leads to your sales teamand help link your marketing efforts back to revenue. The best demand jinstrategies. Consider every single step in the buyer's journey. So from thefirst time someone interacts with your company, whether that be throughlinkedin social media through a podcast episode through an email marketingcampaign, whatever it may be to the moment that they become a customer ofyours. Demand generation initiatives should always align your marketing andsales teams to kind of help grow your business and drive revenue. And I knowin the past there's kind of been this...

...conflict of interest between, you know,marketing and sales, but it's really, really important and a good demand genstrategy that those to kind of come together, connect, work together andthat will really grow your business and drive revenue. Another important aspectof demand gen that I think sometimes marketers tend to forget about iscustomer experience. I think that sometimes this can be a really bigdownfall of certain organizations because that customer experience aspectis not always there and it's not always prevalent. It should be simple, butmarketers tend to make it so difficult, so make it easy for your customer toget information. Don't hide the prices on your website, don't be so slow torespond simple things. I spoke with someone yesterday actually who sharedwith me that they requested to demos on the same day from two differentcompanies, both offering essentially the same thing. A couple hours later,one of those companies, let's say Company A immediately got in touch withthis person, you know, connected with them on linkedin, set up a call andthen they shared that multiple people from Company A even connected with themon linkedin and started engaging with their content, started interacting withthem. This got them pumped up about not only the product but the brand and theorganization as well. And by the time this person had the demo call withCompany A Company B had still not gone in touch with them at all. This personshared with me that while Company B was actually the front runner in thisindustry that they were looking to buy into, they decided to go a second bestwhich was company A simply because of their customer experience. So somethingso simple that can entirely transform your demand gen strategies. Justcustomer experience, shifting gears a bit here for anyone who's listening,who is fresh into marketing and it's really interested in diving into moreof a demand general or maybe you're just trying to shift your career intodemand gen some of the best advice I have received is from the episode thatI did with chris walker. And if you haven't listened to that episode yet, Ihighly, highly, highly recommend it.

Chris is very, very knowledgeable aboutthis topic and he has a lot of great advice to provide to anyone who isinterested in kind of growing in a role of demand jin Well, one thing I askedchris, you know, is what piece of advice do you have for early marketerswho are new to this space and looking to evolve into more of a demand general?Specifically, maybe even a director of demand gen His advice was reallyinsightful to me. It might be for a lot of those listening today. So I willsummarize briefly, he said that if you want to run to me and jen you need toknow the full scope of what it is. First of all, you know, ins and outspaid social organic creating content, all of it. You need to know whatdimension is before you can run it. That's pretty obvious. But alsounderstanding marketing fundamentals is so important. People are always wantingto move into tactics really quickly, but oftentimes they don't understandthe foundation of what they're getting at. There are a ton of marketing booksout there and if you actually go to be to be growth show dot com, go to thesearch bar and type in books. We have a ton of blog posts there on books thatearly marketers should be reading and it's a really, really insightful, um alot of good resources. There's definitely check that out. Anothergreat piece of advice that chris shared with me is to start an e commercebusiness selling a commodity product, whether it's T shirts, shoes, you know,you can buy a product and private label it and then figure out how to sell itto an audience. And I thought that this was so interesting because these typesof commodity products do get sold through marketing and brand. Right? Soyou know, these are the kind of things you're seeing on instagram, you'reseeing on your instagram ads, you say, oh I need a new shirt for my workoutboom, three instagram ads for a workout shirt. Right? So through this, you'lllearn a lot about organic social, paid social, you can kind of try and figureout how to acquire a customer using those paid instagram ads or you can trysomething else. But when you do those things and use your own money, youactually care whether or not it's...

...working and a lot of B two B marketersdon't have that experience. So they just kind of play around with monopolymoney and collect those leads and metrics. But when you use your ownmoney, you get invested and then once you spend 1000 plus dollars on yourmarketing, you'll know and care whether or not it works. I thought that wasreally great advice. So for those who have been following along throughoutthis journey, I hope that you've gained some knowledge, some insight. Hopefullythese are things that you can take in your career and you can take in yourcompany and kind of build out your demand gen strategy and I hope that youhave more of an understanding on what demand gen is and what it's not. Andyou know, for the last few episodes in this series, I'm so excited to bediving more into brand awareness pipeline generation, you know, even howto utilize your marketing operations to have a more successful dimensionstrategies, so that's what's to come, and if you're not already, make sureyou're subscribed to GDP growth, so you won't miss these next few episodes andif you're interested in keeping up with me and how I implement this deep diveinto my career moving forward or for more advice on podcasting andproduction in general, because that is my niche. Um you can connect with me onlinkedin at Leslie Cruz. My name is spelled L E S L E Y C R E W S so thanksso much for listening until next time. Mhm. One of the things we've learned aboutpodcast audience growth is that word of mouth works. It works really, reallywell actually. So if you love this show, it would be awesome if you texted afriend to tell them about it. And if you send me a text with a screenshot ofthe text you sent to your friend meta, I know I'll send you a copy of my book,content based networking, how to instantly connect with anyone you wantto know. My cell phone number is four 74 nine 33 To eight. Happy texting.

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