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B2B Growth: Your Daily B2B Marketing Podcast

Episode 2065 · 3 months ago

New Deep Dive! What It Takes To Become a Thought Leader


In this episode, Dan Sanchez kicks off a new deep dive into the topic of thought leadership marketing. After reading all the books on the topic, he's ready to begin interviewing practitioners in the trenches about what they are learning.

Yeah, hello and welcome back to be to begrowth. I'm dan Sanchez with sweet fish media and today I'm kicking off a newdeep dive into the topic of thought leadership. Marketing. This is a topicthat I have become very passionate about and last year uh almost a yearago I started on an adventure to like learn and begin mastering this topic,but I have a long, long way to go. I know I have started just by asking thequestion like what does it take to become a thought leader? It's kind ofan interesting idea. And while thought leadership, you know, it's kind ofcringe you sometimes when people call themselves thought leaders and aren'tor you know, or just pretending to be thought leaders and are lacking certainelements. There was something about true thought leaders that justintrigued me. I think we all have those voices in our lives, whether they'rethey're with us in person and know us personally or their authors that weread or podcasters that we listen to that mold and shape us in differentareas of our lives, especially in our careers, especially in marketing.Marketing has lots of genuine thought leaders that are, that are aspirational,that are inspiring um and have changed the course of many businesses and I'mlike man, this is a fascinating topic and I love how it can be a both appliedto companies as much as two individuals or individuals, multiple individualswithin a company. So I set out on that journey a year ago and started readingevery single book I can find. In fact I tried to find them on so far. I thinkI've read them all. I actually wrote a whole blog post about it. If you justgoogle thought leadership books. My my blog will come up with a breakdown ofall the different books I've read on the topic of Thought leadership. If yougo there and find that you've written a book where you know of a book that'smissing from the list, please tell me about it. Like hit me up. There's acontact page on my website or you can just go to linkedin dot com slash I. N.Slash digital marketing dan and say hey dan, you missed one. Check it out and Iwill go and read it and add it to the...

...list because I'm trying to stay on topof the subject as a marketer, you're probably brainstorming outside the boxideas to engage your prospects and customers working remotely. And you'veprobably thought about sending them direct mail to break through the zoomfatigue. But how do you ship personalized gifts to remote decisionmakers When you have no idea where they're sitting at B. B. Growth? We usethe craft and platform to send hyper personalized gifts to anyone workingfrom anywhere. Crafting makes it easy for your prospects and customers topick and personalize their own gift in real time and offers highly secureddata capture. So decision makers feel comfortable submitting their homeaddresses for shipping purposes to get your own personalized craft and gift.Go to craft um dot Io slash growth to schedule a demo and receive acomplimentary personalized gift from craft. Um To claim your personalizedgift, go to craft um dot io slash growth. But as you all know, readingisn't enough to really master a topic and there's actually multiple stepsthat we've taken. I'd say reading is probably a good place to start. You cansee what people have documented what's officially out there. I've also read alot of like I've listened to a lot of podcasts for sure, but I've read a lotof blogs, but now I want to take it a step farther with this deep dive. Iwant to start interviewing practitioners that are actually doingthis full time because we all know there's a huge difference between thosewho just read about something and those who are actually doing it right andthere's usually a big disconnect between the two and I don't want to bedisconnected. And while I'm starting to, you know, fiddled with some thoughtleadership at Sweet Fish Media and here on B two B growth, um I want to takethe time to interview the people who have rolled up their sleeves and our inthe trenches trying to create thought leadership marketing day in and day out.And it's not just the people who are actual thought leaders, they're thepeople who are directors of thought leadership or heads of thoughtleadership. Or maybe thought leadership managers within a company. So all theyget to do is handle thought leadership for a specific company. Either writingfor the C Suite or creating an...

...interviewing subject matter experts ormaybe all the employees, but essentially are helping position thecompany as a thought leader, maybe individuals within that company andthat's their work, it's there where they get to live and think and breathethought leadership. So I have a whole series of people lined up to interviewand to kind of get into their heads and their worlds and figure out what'sworking, what's not working and to get some unique perspectives from them. AndI'm also going to share in this journey some of the books my favorite booksthat I've read on thought leadership so far and some of the insights I've hadabout thought leadership along the way, of course I'll be doing some stops tocheck in as far as like what are the lessons that I'm learning about thistopic as I interview people that are in the field and I'm hoping to just sharemy best insights as I go along and this is a topic that I'm not new to. It'ssomething that I've kind of prepped for and I've been preparing for to do areally good deep dive on this. Unlike the topic I did on a B. M. Where I waskind of a newbie. I actually had no idea what I was talking about though.I'd like read one book before. I hadn't read a lot and I read a lot throughthat and learned a ton. And I expect that even though I'm starting at adifferent place for this topic, I'm going to be going deep So please joinme in this journey, learn with me. Let's be students together and learnhow to become better at crafting good thought leadership content, learn whatit takes to become a thought leader and how to position a company as a thoughtleader. Those are the three main things that I'm going after. So tag along,this is going to be a fun ride through the month of june So you tomorrow, one of the things we've learned aboutpodcast audience growth is that word of mouth works. It works really, reallywell actually. So if you love this show, it would be awesome if you texted afriend to tell them about it. And if you send me a text with a screenshot ofthe text you sent to your friend meta. I know I'll send you a copy of my book,content based networking, how to instantly connect with anyone you wantto know. My cell phone number is (407)...

...490 33-8 happy texting.

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