B2B Growth Dinners: Coming to a City Near You


In 2018, we're shaking up our approach to community building. This episode shares all the details.

You can build community with a blog, you can build community with conferences, you can build community with social media, but we've chosen to build a community with this podcast. There's a big downside to building a community on a medium like this because it's a one way conversation. You See, Jonathan and I get to talk with brilliant Betab leaders, but we have to push those conversations in a one way direction to you, the listener. There's no interaction, there's no two way street. But great community isn't one way and in two thousand and eighteen we're going to shake up our approach to how we're building this community, the BB growth community. We're organizing small dinners across the country with our guests and with our listeners. There's going to be no sales pitches at these dinners, really no agenda, just great conversations with like minded people.

Will Talk Business, will talk family, will talk goals and dreams. We're going to build real friendships at these dinners. So if you'd like to be a part of a BOB growth dinner in a city near you, go to be tob growth dinnerscom. We are really excited to get to know you better. Thanks a lot.

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