747: How to Make Your Company a Company of Marketers w/ Maria Pergolino


In this episode we talk to Maria Pergolino, Chief Marketing Officer, Anaplan.

Maria shares how to cast a vision that gets other departments (and your entire company) excited about contributing to the role of marketing. We discuss how to engage other departments in projects Marketing is working on, to generate more sharing throughout the organization.

She shares her thoughts on going from a CM-"No" to a CM-"Yes" by flipping the script on typical social media policies & collaborating on ideas with individuals throughout your organization.

We also preview a fun session at the #FlipMyFunnel Conference Maria will be heading up, along with some other great names in B2B Sales & Marketing: Account Based Marketing Family Feud

Her fellow panelists will include:
John Barrows, Trish Bertuzzi, Bridget Gleason, Justin Gray, Matt Heinz, Katie Martell, Kash Razzaghi & Samantha Stone

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There's a ton of noise out there. So how do you get decision makers to pay attention to your brand? Start a podcast and invite your ideal clients to be guests on your show. Learn more at sweet fish Mediacom. You're listening to be tob growth, a daily podcast for B TOB leaders. We've interviewed names you've probably heard before, like Gary Vander truck and Simon Senek, but you've probably never heard from the majority of our guests. That's because the bulk of our interviews aren't with professional speakers and authors. Most of our guests are in the trenches leading sales and marketing teams. They're implementing strategy, they're experimenting with tactics, they're building the fastest growing BEDB companies in the world. My name is James Carberry on, the founder of sweet fish media, a podcast agency for bb brands, and I'm also one of the CO hosts of this show. When we're not interviewing sales and marketing leaders, you'll hear stories from behind the scenes of our own business. Will share the ups and downs of our journey as we attempt to take over the world. Just getting well, maybe let's get into the show. Welcome back to the BDB grows show. We're here today with Maria Pergolino, CMO and Anna Plan. Maria, how are you doing today? I'm so happy to be here and Nice to talk to you. Logan. It is great to connect. Really excited to hear from you today. I know you're going to have some great topics to share. Where to our audience? For folks that don't know you, you have a great career with some big names in the marketing space. So a lot of folks probably know your name, but I would love for you to give our audience a brief background on what you and the team at an a planner up to these days. Yeah, so just first a little bit about myself. I know I really heard I'm very progun. You know, I am a b Tob Marketer, a passionate be to be barketer who work with software technology and I love to be with growing companies where marketing really has a huge voice. So shout out to all the other be to be marketers on the call. The company I work for is on a plan and it is pioneering the category of connected planning, which essentially, if you're thinking, while I'm in marketing, do I really need connected planning? Every part of the business does. It's all about decisionmaking, right. Anytime you're making a decision, there's some plan that goes into that decision, whether it's which pack of Gum do I want to buy or which company do we purchase? Right, they're all decisions. They all need plans tied to them, and so it is a cloud company. It is software, but really it is what powers some of the largest companies in the world's how they're making decisions, and I think that's something that every marketer thinks about when they're forecasting, budgeting, deciding with the plans going to be. It's part of why we all of marketing. It's that strategy of the organization. M I love that analogy. Whether...

...what company you're going to buy or what stick a gum you're gonna pick it at check out, right, it's all decisions, right, it's all it's all a plan coming to life, and so it is very when I worked for a company that many of the marketers on the call know, Marquetto it was amazing because it was marketing to marketers, a market. Mar Marketing Technology on a plan is a technology for every part of the business. So I do get to markets markers again, but in this bigger sense of know, how do we help every part of the business with how they're going to make decisions, which which is just so fun to do. It's we have lots of jobs, but I hope lots of marketers the best coming and joined me in this great category creation. Yeah, I love it. Well, we definitely have a lot of folks in the audience that are, that are be to be marketers. So I'm sure your shout out there was was well received and we'll make sure if folks know how to connect with you at the end of the call. I love that, Maria. Well, we're going to jump right into today's topic, Maria, of how to make your company a company of marketers, and I know you've you've spoken on this topic before. You've got some passion here. So why don't we open it up with why would we do this? What would be the benefits of someone wanting to take this approach of making their entire team, you know, a company of marketers? Yeah, can I? Can I start off with a little story about this? Is that is that Okay Day. I love that. We love stories. Here perfect. So imagine, you know, six months ago, I've just started with the organization, with kind a plan, and I have to stand in front of this sales team at our annual kickoff and address them for the first time. It's the CMO. I've only been with the company for a short time. I have essentially less than ten minutes to address the group and they want to hear about what's going to to be different, what's marketing going to do, not only for the year but now that there's a new CMO? And so now I'm putting together this presentation and when I thought about what's different or what has to change, the reality is I was joining an amazing marketing team with a great plan and program and it was there's definitely some reimagining, two things that we could do, but for me to get the most benefit out of the marketing of the company, it was not to go tell one of the marketers on the team how to do their job different any CMO that's trying to win by out marketing somebody WHO's already a marketer on their team. It's a really hard way to get big games. Instead, I realize that the goal was not to drastically change the marketing team, but to really change who was doing the marketing by getting more marketers. And obviously first thought was, hey, will seeo, give me a thousand marketers, but that that was highly unlikely, right. And so how do I turn...

...all thousand people in the company into marketers? And actually way beyond that? How do we then take the entire ecosystem, all of those customers, all of the partners, all of the influencers, all the press? How will we going to get them to tell our story? Because winning wasn't again me telling a marketer how to do their job a little bit better. It was going to be how do we get all of these different stakeholders in the organization really sharing the amazing benefits of at a plan and at our connected planning solution? Right, sounds like a much more strategic play and something that you could, you can make a lot further strides in quickly as you were coming on, because you came on to the the a a plan team and in your current role about the end of last year and you were King of facing facing that, you know, in that time frame. Right. Yeah, so it's and the other thing is think about when you're standing on a stage. What if people want to listen to to they want to hear you talk about your vision, whether it be for five minutes or five hours. They want to hear how they can help, how they can ideate, how they can share, how they can contribute, and so that's really been a lot of how I've sent my last six months, obviously working with a team, but encouraging them to leverage the other thousand people in the organization, the thousands of people that that participate in our partner community, the all of the people at the eight hundred fifty plus puff tours that we have. You know, how do we get all of them to have a voice? And I think if marketers thought about and especially CMOS thought about that as their their challenge more one, it would free up the marketing team to do more of the marketing that they were excited about and it would really make I mean, that feels like a big job right. That is exciting. That is that's the job I want to go to every day as the one where we're turning a marketing team that, you know, is sub a hundred people into really thinking as a marketing job of leading thousands, sends of thousands. So you're building some momentum, you're building some excitement within your own marketing team and throughout the organization by kind of casting this vision of how they can they can all participate, and so I think, you know, a lot of our audience, Maria can can totally buy into that and get excited about this idea. You know, if they're wanting to take those next steps, you know what are some things that you recommend were or that you've done with the team at and a plan to start doing that? Yeah, I think it comes from first cultural peace and fortunately I am I have an amazing CEO as a partner to help with that here. fact, Frank Caldroni, who is our CEO, has brought an amazing culture to the team. We leverage a number of different tools. One of those is called reality based leadership. Immediately that name Thi Wakeman and she really talks about how to ask these great questions to, you know,...

...have people achieve to their potential. Right, instead of let's get in a room and complain about all the things that aren't working, how do we say, how do we make this great, how do we get this to working, and then empowering each other to get there. And so what we did is we change some of the questions. Instead of saying, you know, how do we do this on our own the people that are in the room, how do we look to the the other people in the ecosystem, in the company to help achieve our goal? And so one simple example of that, and this does start with like here's my shout out to planning, right coming you. This does not happen accidentally. You have to have a plan, you have to have actually you have to have a strategy which ties to a plan, and then to that plan you have to have great execution. Right. The amazing thing about being in marketing is it is so strategic, but the thing that differentiates good marketing from mediocre or bad marketing is, then, is not actually in the strategy, but it's can you execute on that strategy and can you do it in a great and differentiated way? And so a huge shout out to planning, which we think about as a connected planning company, but also then to those execution points. And it just a one simple example. Right, Anna, who is an amazing marketer on our team, who owns our partner marketing, didn't just say, how do I give the partner team materials. How do I do some joint partner events, she said. You know, how do we really create a community where we can enable the partners to create joint marketing materials, to Bo speak on our behalf, to go do the events where they're leveraging our brand, where we don't even have to be in the room? And that's a really bold way to think about your marketing, right. How do you hand it to somebody else to go do great things with it? How do you empower those not not just in the marketing department but in the alliance team internally and then the partners externally? And the team was excited. They definitely rose to that challenge. I'm being amazing work every single day, but it is in that you have to start by thinking about it differently and making those goals probably bigger than what you originally plan. Today's gross story is all about search engine marketing. The company were highlighting is sentinel one. This challenger Cybersecurity brand was set out to disrupt the endpoint protection space. Their brand was topnotch, their product was innovative, but they were struggling to gain traction online in an already developed industry. Then they found directive consulting a Bob Search Marketing Agency. Within the first quarter of working with directive, Sentinel one was able to increase their organic traffic by a hundred and twenty eight percent and overall lead volume by an outstanding two hundred and fifty one percent. I have a hunch that directive can get these kind of results for you too, so head over to directive consultingcom and request a...

...totally free custom proposal. That's directive consultingcom. All right, let's get back to this interview. There's some other things that you guys are doing with with other departments specifically where you've seen some good results in having them, you know, take the the banner of marketing, take the message, you know, beyond marketings walls with, you know, hr or sales or other departments, you know, as you've kind of touched on broadly, and there's some other examples in specific departments where you guys have seen examples of this as well. Maria, yeah, I think two other things to examples worth noting. So one, on our customer success team. There's an amazing group that works on customer experience. The actually one and an award from serious decisions this last year on their customer experience and this team. They spend so much time understanding our customers and their insights and what's important to them. When we thought about, and this is something that you don't think about, how do you leverage across the company? But the things like GDP are and and our subscription center, right, who signs up for what emails? That sounds very marketing, right. That sounds like operation. Somebody does that a load in a room. Maybe legal check it out at the end and you cross it off. But instead we turn it into a project where the customer stredens team went out and talk to our customers, found out what they wanted to opt into, what they didn't want to opt into, what should we have as different types of communication. We brought it into a project that was far beyond marketing something that sounds like it should be happy to get a room, but you know, a room closet like as an isolated thing, where we turned it into something that could create more customer value. Now the reality is it's still is a subscription center. That is something that is still you think of something that that sits on a landing page and how do you rally the company around that, but because that team helped work on it, they're now every time our CSTEAM is talking to our customers, they're now saying, Hey, what type of material do you want to see? There's awareness about the different channels that we have for our customers the people didn't even know about. Internally. We have other teams talking about things like newsletters and community that they weren't even know the where existed because we opened up the project to a bigger group. I think another example is tied to customer marketing. Really thinking about, I'm drawing kind of a new or chart right now, that, instead of being that typical hierarchy, that really puts customer marketing in the center of our marketing. How do we get all everybody in the company, if really to understand the customer marketing, the Voice of our customers, what is going to be the center of our marketing, and how do we get everybody excited to share those customer stories because they know that's going to be the part that marketing highlights the most, and then take the challenge back, now that they're so involved, because they're sharing, wearing those customer stories, challenging the team to now as we put together programs that highlight different customers, as we have new assets to really...

...share them out. And so it is. I think the first thing when we think about building a company of marketers, the first thing we think about is let's get them social sharing, let's get the team posting on extra and I think that's great, but to make them part of the them being the entire company, part of what shared in, they're going to be more excited to share that out. One final example, starting with what is that social media policy and Speaker Policy Look like? I see so many that are closed in an organization. Don't do make things do that. They don't talk about how to empower people. You know, we want you to go be a great speaker. These are the places we need your help. This is what we want you to share. Similar in social media. How do we enable people into stead of having them concerned over what's going to get them in trouble? I think all of those are ways to create a company of marketers and then just asking right like everybody. It's the the best and the worst part about marketing is that everybody has an opinion on it. Right. It's it's something tangible, it's the it's something, it's the external piece of our organization and so people see it, they have ideas instead of every time, the worst thing I ever heard, I mean I've been to so many conferences, so many events, and the worst thing I ever heard at a conference with Cmo, and I'm definitely not naming themes, that they said. You know, my real job is to be the Cem no, because so many people come with ideas and there's just too much noise and that cannot be the approach. You have to be the Cem yes, right like the you want to capture all of those different ideas, because if people feel like their ideas are part of the marketing, they're going to go out and share them, they're going to go out and advocate. So you know, you can't obviously do everything so imp somebody comes with an idea, asking them, Hey, what's the goal around that? Hey, if we did this alternative thing, would you also support it? So it's building a partnership with each of those different teams I think is so important, and not having not back to what I was talking about, but that reality based leadership. One of the big things in there's not coming at it with an ego right. Just because I have an idea doesn't mean that your idea can't work too, and I think all of that really critical in the success of marketing. Right. Well, I think you know, the common theme there is building into a street, as you mentioned, Maria. You want to bring them in, bring other departments into projects that you're doing so that they can feel like a part of it and and kind of flipping the script on, you know, their involvement with marketing as opposed to setting up. Okay, these are the guidelines that you have. Don't go beyond them or you're going to get in trouble. Flip the script of okay, there's still some guidelines, but here are all the things that you could do. Here are all the things that that you know you could partner with marketing on and ways to go about it. You know, bring us your ideas. I love that idea of a cm. Yes, that is that as phenomenal. Well, Maria, I love the ideas you've been sharing here. I think there are some definitely practical takeaways that people...

...can learn from from your examples and what you're doing. It in a plan. If people want to reach out to you, stay connected with you, what's the best way for them to go about doing that. Yeah, you can definitely find me on twitter at inbound marketer, similar on instagram and, I believe, facebook and Linkedin. It's Maria Pergolino. You can always reach me here at an a plan, either through one of our social channels or through my email address, which is just my first name that last name, at Anna Plancom and happy to connect with anyone, especially if you have ideas or it. You know, I love to hear other ideas on how people are enabling their organizations with marketing. I also think that I may be seeing some of your listeners at the upcoming from my funnel conference, which I am so excited about, and just give us a little preface to what you're going to be doing, because not just a normal, you know, talk or something. There is going to be a game show piece of the conference that you're going to be involved with, right. Yeah, so I think that your listeners could probably tell that I a I definitely have strong opinions. So I think I'm in the seccession. As what my funnel, we are doing a flip. My funnel family feud and account based marketing family feud, and this is filled with. I mean John Barrows, Chrish, for to Z Justin Gray from lead end, Matt Hind from Hind Marketing, all people that are a part of this family feud. So this is like I'm like starstruck with the people that I get to join on this panel. So I'm very excited, or poor family to this game show. I think it's going to be a lot of fun. What is interesting about almost every person in this session is strong OPIG is. I think it's going to be a really funny and exciting time. So I hope everybody comes and joins the conversation by stopping by at this ABM conference because it's going to be a really, really, I think, great networking time, as well as just that. I know how much time the team is spending on the content. It's going to be really amazing. Yeah, here it be to be growth. We are big fans of flip my funnel and the the two thousand and eighteen conference. There are going to be a ton of great speakers. This family feud event is something that I've had in mind since since I knew that I would be going in few the other members of our team, like you, mentioned a lot of names and it sounds like this piece is going to be a lot of fun. So, if for nothing else, come to tune into this awesome game show ABM family feud and flip my funnel for be to be growth listeners. Whether you're going to already going to flip my funnel or we've just piqued your interest with the family feud event that Marie is going to be a part of their we have a Promo code for you guys, be to be growth. That's be the number to be growth, just like the show name.

If you go to flip my funnelcom go to the two thousand and eighteen conference link. When you go to get your tickets, use that Promo Code B Tob Growth. You'll get fifty percent off your tickets and look forward to seeing you guys there and tuning into a great game show. Maria, thanks so much. It's been great having you. Thank you so much. That's such a fifty verson off. That such a good code. I look forward to seeing everybody there. Thank you, and thank you so much, Logan. There are lots of ways to build a community and we've chosen to build the BEDB growth community through this podcast. But because of the way podcasts work, it's really hard to engage with our listeners and without engagement it's tough to build a great community. So here's what we've decided to do. We're organizing small dinners across the country with our listeners and guests. No sales pitches, no agenda, just great conversations with likeminded people. Will Talk Business, we'll talk family, will talk goals and dreams, will build friendships. So if you'd like to be a part of a be tob growth dinner in a sitting near you, go to be to be growth dinnerscom. That's be to be growth dinnerscom. Thank you so much for listening. Until next time.

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