546: How to Guarantee an Incredible Customer Experience w/ Carlos Hidalgo


In this episode we talk to Carlos Hidalgo, Founder & CEO of VisumCx.

There's a ton of noise out there. Sohow do you get decision makers to pay attention to your brand start apoudcast and invite your ideal clients to be guess on your show, learn more atsweetfish media DOTCOM, you're listening to the BTA, be growth,show a pottast dedicated to helping bee to be executives achieve explosivegrowth, whether you're looking for techniques and strategies or tools andresources. You've come to the right place, I'm James Carberry and I'mJonathan Green. Let's get into the show all right so we're here today atmarketing, proffs BTA be marketing for 'em and I'm here with Carlos Adalgo car,how you doing today, I'm doing well thanks James, so Carls, and I were justtalking before e record on this and wewere talking about customerexperience, Carlos lives and breathes customer experience, and we were havingan interesting conversation prior to this about how something that Carlos talks to hisprospects and clients a lot about it. His customer experience startinginternally, and that was a little bit different. You know obviously customerexperience in the name you think. Oh it's! It has to do all h with customerride, so so unpackd what we were just talking about Carlos, why? Why is Thisomething that needs to be focused on internally before you can ever thinkabout the actual experiences that the customers Coan t have Y H. I think it'sreally important for an organization to let their employees know, and thisstarts at the top of what is our brain value. What do we stand for in themarket once you define that you can then start to craft the experience youwant n your customers to have, but that happens at every level of theorganization, the best example or the best definition. I've ever seen ofcustomer experience talks about the full arc of every customer touchpoint,and so you think about starting just with brand experience or a brandengagement audience engagement. Great example of that is underarmor with thermy fitness PAL AP. Okay, you don't have...

...to buy any under an armor product toown the APPL and people use it all the time to atrack their fitness levels.That's a brand engagement. So, where does that art go from there from abuying cycle from a customer supporter from a customer delivery if at everystage, customer or employees are not enabled equipped and empowered todeliver that customer experience and know what mission they have as anorganization customer experience is going Na Fall Flat? Okay, so you talkeof you, you said enable equip and empowere in power right. So let's talkabout the enablement piece of that. What's what's that look like, I thinkthe enablement is just truly tapping into the DNA of who you are as anorganization and training your employees to a know that and thenmaking that part of their personal d and a within their roles. So, forinstance, Rontiht was just talking in the keynote about the western grandwhere they, because of a tweat, that he sad their response to him. To me, thatis those employees saying okay, we now know how to respond. We've been trainedon what our brand value is and we are going to take that training and deliverthat customer experience, which then gets into the equipping way and Powergand to me the equipping, then is: Do you have the right tools to do that? Doyou have someone to monitor your social media? Do you have the technology ifthat's what it takes to look at the full customer art and to track thecustomer journey and understand all the different touchpoints an t en? Lastly,are you empowered to just take the action? The number of times I hearsales raps say well, I wanted to give the discount, but I had to run it upthe flying pall. Meanwhile, the customers left waiting ar a supportperson. We wanted to add this in 'cause the customer needed it, but we had togo make sure that we could throw it as as an Adon. Why don't we just trust thetraining in the enablement stage and empower our employees to say this iswhat's going to make our customers happy? We are just going to go, do itand we don't have to run through a...

...bunch of red tape and bureaucracy inorder to deliver that o t, crosis and fantastic. If somebody listening tothis wants to stay connected with you, what's the best way for them to go backto very active ontwitter at c a Hadalgo and that's Hidalgo, or to shoo me anemail like Carlos Adbysm caction that the Visumcx dotcom Co. I ot me afraidthank Jane to ensure that you never miss anepisode of the B to B growth show subscribe to the show in Itunes or yourfavorite pod cast player this garangteas that every episode will getdelivered directly to your device. If you'd like to connect with be to beexecutives from all over the world make sure to join our private facebookcommunity. There are some incredible conversations happening inside thisgroup to join visit B. TA B growth show Dotcom, slash, FB. Thank you so muchfor listening until next time.

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