505: How to Actually Convert Your Readers With Content w/ Simon Thompson


In this episode we talk to Simon Thompson, the Founder of ContentKite.

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...going to help you do that so, head overto the business of story, just type, the business of story in your podcastout get subscribed, download some episodes and enjoy welcome back to thebe to be Groth. Sow Today we were joined by Simon Thompson. Simon is thefounder at content, kite sin and welcome to the show T it's great toconnect with you. Simon is currently in France. I say this a couple of times aweek: I'm consistently blown away by the power of technology to connect usin this way, where we're getting to have this amazing conversation from youknow halfway across the world and then we're going to get to share this infawith with our listeners, and I just think it's it's magical, it's basicallymagic. So a special thank you for for joining us today from France, and todaywe were going to be talking about how to actually convert your readers withyour content, whichthingis a very important lesson, a very importanttakeaway, but before we get into that, Simon tells a little about what you andyour team at content can arupt you these days. Sure so Cuntincott is a afull service content marketing service, so we handle O, will wa break it downinto four pillows of concent marketing. So I think a lot of people when theythink of content marketing is riding a blog post and putting it on the blowand that in Ow, vew is sort of one very important part, but still only one partof the content marketing puzzle D. So we break it down into four areas: beingstrategy, creation, promotion and conversion, and we tend to see the best results comingfrom concent marketing when you have all of those four paces in place, andnot just the wriding and the publishing on the blog, because anyone who haspublished a blog post will probably no that unless you have you know a reallyhigh domain authority, you've been around for a long time, it' sut very,very hard to get traffic to that post.

If you are just letting it si sit thereand without promonia, so that's sort of how how we work and and why we look atall four pieces of thepotle rather than just the one yeah. I think that's veryimportant. I mean there's so much content out there and everyone has thisfocus on you. Gotta got to create content but kind of then what then?What happens? I mean you can't just create a piece of content and expectwith all that noise out there. You know just expect. Oh people will read itbecause, because I created it- and so I think that's one of the reasons we'reso lucky to have you on the show today to talk about well now that you've gotyour content. How are you actually supposed to convert your readers withtdisconsent? How are you supposed to move them along the funnel so so SiWhan you take it away from there yeah so wn. The first pace of that is of say,promoting the content effectively and that that's probably a top for foranother fot gasstil together, but maybe we can touch on a few of those later,but yeah luck y said it's usually important to be converting rates to thenext tider of the funnal, because the whole point of a blog, you know, let'sthrow away the Curtin he Isto to get more customers. You know, but like eoplSho sign owry, you create these blogs and the content n of the goodness ofyour own heart. Ok, that's it and you know there. There is an element to that,and I mean that is kind of the beauty of content marketing. It's it's givegive give go give and in return you know things will come back to it's. Itis beautiful the way it works like that, but we need to be very cauguss an o thefact that people won't necessarily just read a blog post and want to dobusiness with you. So what we find the most effective way to to convert thoserates to customers Isnot to convert them from a reader to a customerstraight away, but to conver them to the next stage of your funnel andusually that comes in the form of getting the onyour email list. So thestrategy that we use to that we say is most effective. Getting someone ontoouralist is to crat a a lad magnat, which...

I'm I'msure many of the listeners arefamiliar with, but we go step further with that we create what's calledcontent, upgrade, which is essentially just really specific, lead magnaand,when I say specific, like specific to the article that they're reading. So ifyou've got ablogpostd about O iseally basic example, but EA five Tseo tacticsin wo thousand and seventeen, you might have a contant Upgrad. That's hey enteremail to get the chop, fibercotectics plus two binus tactics and that justhads an extr incentive to get something. A that's really easy to read. It's justlike a Trad Shat like a one pajock, and it's got extra stuff in it that wasn'tin the original OL article. So the incentive to download that and for themto get on to yourmlist is wassignicantly higher. Then, if youjust had something like I son up to I news that hey get this generic wadmagnet 'cause. We don't know that they're interested in that kind ofthing. But we do know that if they're reading FEO TACTICS, blog post they're,probably going to be interested in a cotectics Treatchid, it's much morelikely that they're interested in that than anything else, yeah yeah. Thatmakes a lot of sense. I mean this is kind of a way I mean this was somethingyou had mentioned before the show that you're just you're optimizing themechanism to convert someone from reader to the next age and, like yousaid this, is this: This content upraid, this very specific lead magned, is agreat way to sort of move them along yeah exactly and it to get me roundlike lead magnets, I'm doing aircorts, which you can't say, Butlea magnat. Itcan't be very effective and when, if I lead Magets, I mean sort of genericallyBangats, so they thay can be really effective. But from what we've seen t ethe more related to the post, that the constant upgrades or the lead magnet isthe higher the email subscription rat Wube. It seems to be like directcorrelation, Sho e, the importance of that of getting someone on to Amal Lisoor getting someone to the next tide. Ot.

The funnel is its quite importantbecause, like I said, no one's going to read a blog post and then decide to youknow hand over thousands of dollars, or maybe they will, but Ye'd have to bepretty lucky so w once they're on your ema list or you have them in the nextedge o of the funnel and have a way to continuously, you know, engage them aand give them more value and GIE GIV give the give on that Your Ama list.You have a much better opportunity to do that, because you can continue tosend the mamailes on a weeklay basis or o how ofe Yo'd like to do it y. AhWalso allright. Let's, let's talk about that idea, then you, you know you havesomeone converted to a subscriber you're talking about this idea of morecontinually engaging them yohave some best practices. You have some some tipsfor our listeners. You know I'm kind of coming from a place too, where I thinkthat this is something that can can be done wrong. I mean you've seen you know,you've seen that you end up on someone's email list and you get sickof this person or they're not actually providing you value, or you just seethat they are sending you these. You know these huge email blasts and it'sso ineffective. I think we've all we've all experienced it, so you have anythen recommendations for for the listeners once you've kind of gottenthem to that point. How you successilely engage with them. Yeah great question, so I mean th. Thefirst thing, I would say is is make sure you're emailing the list, becausethe worse thing you can do worse than you know, sending crab conten is justsending no content at all, or maybe pep Piper can decide, but which is worse,has the MARKETR. You want to be sending some emails. If, if you get the MLaddress, and then you wait wil, you wait really anymore than a month or sothat person will probably forget about you and and eat the youngsubscribedbutton or the SPANBUTTON, whichever thet. So the first thing email ed yourlist, but secondly s, as you quite rightly pointed out, you need to beemailing good stuff, so I mean...

...like cringe, insid Ghen. I say this,but just give as much value as you can, and I I cringe because it sounds sobasic right like just just give something that someone wants to read,but I think so many people get get the idea in their head that you know I justneed to be sending emails for the sake of it. So I can stay quite on quite topof mind and that's not really what it's about. So I mean, if you're, putting acontent marketing plan in place. Your goal should be to help your potentialcustomer as much as you possibly can so e, always say: creect consent that T ISol's the same problem that your solution soves, but via education, soyoul go with sending that weekly am Neweto or whatever it may be. It shouldjust be educating your potential customer to how to solve their problemin in as many ways as you can and as best you possibly can, and if you dothat, even a little bit on a weekly basis, you are very well on the way to you knowpotentially making that person accustomer because you're positioningyourself as the person who knows how to solve that problem. So when they sayokay, I want to get rid of this problem. Who do I go to Youare the first personI think of y Ah and so thene, I'm in my kind of followe question of that is: Doyou have any strategies that you'd be able to share when it comes to creatingvaluable content? When it comes Yo, you know like how often can a business becreating content that consistently remains valuable, or are you just sortof turning out the same stuff again and again and again and repurposing it andputting it in a different form or you know, do you have a you know dedicatedteam, member or or division? You know that just is really focused on creatingvaluable content and not just content that you might think. Oh, I find thisvery valuable, but really with an...

...emphasis on you know what the keydecision makers, the people that we're trying to connect with you know our ouraudience our email list. This is content that they will actually findvaluable. Yeah, that's another great question, so you Tochon one ofthethings repurposing, which we can talk about, that that can be hugely valuable,but I think the main thing is I mean if I was to say to you Jonathan, there's,no way you can come up with five hundred pieces of content for your company, you might say Wewell, wehave. We just release five hundred episodes and I think when, when youthink about it in advance, like there's no way you could think of five hundredtopics, but every week you have a a different set of conversations wheth atcustomers or ovendors or whoever it is it's out in the market, and you justyou, keep hearing things and you keep hearing about problems that yourcustomers might have, and many of them will be related but, like I said it'sall about just trying to solve the problem for the customer, so I meanI'll. Take the example F of content kite, so we help peto. BA companiesengage new business with content marketing, so I mean one way of doingthat is two creat blockpost an to promote popost and to get someone ontothe next age, Berli or theres. You know three topics right there, but anotherway to engage customers, which is something that we don't offer as aservice is to start a podcast, so we have pose coming up about Ye. Houstarting a PODCAS can can engage new business with with content marketing Imean I could go on and on and I'd probably come up with about. You knowfive or six just off the top of my head right now, but over the next year, I'mpretty confident that by alone will come up with fifty to a hundred topicsthat we could write a blog post about and, like I said, someon will berelated, but you'd be surprised just how many waysYoue coang approach a problem with different solutions. Yeah Yeah, I agree-I mean you know we, like you mentioned...

...in the course of this answer. You knowwe're a daily show, so we are trying our best to come up with valuablecontent, real solutions um every day and it's and it's difficult, but ou opart of that is getting a chance to take advantage of incredible guestssuch as yourself who come on d. You know also get to share theirexperiences, their wisdom, their paying points their solutions. So I alsowanted to touch on this idea that you had mentioned offline about theUNSUBSCRIBARY and why you shouldn't worry about it yeah. So I ca you shouldn't worry aboutit too much or or you shouldn't worry about it as a stand alone metric. Sojust because you have a high unsubscribery doesn't mean at the end of the world. Imay mean at the end of the world, but it doesn't necessarily get into that.So, first of all, if you've been doing thatthing I mentioned before, and and building an emalist and not emailingthem, you will have when you do start emailing them. You will haveanexceptionally high unsubscribed right because tecompletely forgotten aboutyou, but as long as you're providing good stuff the people that unsubscribethe people who don't really want to hear from you, which means that thepeople who do hang around do oneynit from you. So this is a bit of atlashape Ur. Would you rather have you know a thousand people on your listthat don't want to buy from you or ten Bedo, Ane, acswers, obviously Tenthao.So it's more about having any gauged list than having you know a list withwith big numbers, because you can build a list by doing x, wines R, but it maynot be the top of list that you want so having people unsubscribe. It canactually be a good thing, because it'll boost your open ride, Sportu Bost, ourengageent rits, Etcetea, etcer, dack and Incrasyo deliberability, and allthat kind of thing. So that was a bit of a ramble, but it's just about yeah having an engagedlist as opposed to a a large list. Yeah.

I and I totally agree it is th. Youknow we've had guess come on before and talking about you know certain vanitymetric that that always sound good, but the ones that you can ignore notnecessarily ignore, but you know don't give H M as much weight to because,like you said, a a list that is, that is more focused, even though it's maybenot as large to be much more powerful if it's focused on on the people thatyou're really trying to connect with the people that are actually interestedso um, so iman that this is all een, fantastic content. I don't want to takeup too much of your time today, but I did want to mention you Um. We hadtalked a little about before, recording that you had some sort of seven day.Email course that you were going to be offering to listeners of the show. Doyou want to talk about that Real, quick yeah? Definitely so yeah wee puttogether an email, Corse and essentially just de tows, our antieprocess from from start to finish, socover those ful pillars that Imentioned a strategy, creation, promotion and conversion. You know sofror coming up to the topics to writing them or getting them written to Makisure people get see, get to see it and also moving te oon to the next stage ofyour funnal. So we sort of pull back the curtains on on that and just wreally allownti process, so people can go and get that contentkut com, Ford,slash fee to be growth and they'll get the first lesson straight away. That'sfantastic, wo, relappreciate that we're also going to include that link in thein the show notes sa you can check that out after you're done listening Simonagain. Thank you so much for your time today it was. It was a real pleasurehaving you on the show. Thank you very much. fraving Jonathan Rasat it. If you've been getting value from thispodcast, you can help us reach more people by reviewing the show on hitunes.Here's how you can leave a review in less than a minute open your pod castout and tap the search igon in the bottom rad corner type in feed, O Bgrowth then select our show once you're there tap the reviews to have and tellus what you think of the show. These reviews help us out of time. Thank youso much for listening until next time.

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