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Episode 1951 · 1 month ago

How To Make Buying From You Much Easier

In this 21st episode of the #Books series, Douglas Burdett, Founder of ARTILLERY, and James Muir, author of "The Perfect Close", recap some of the key ideas from the marketing and sales books recently featured on The Marketing Book Podcast.

Episode 1950 · 1 month ago

How We're Rethinking PPC and Retargeting at Sweet Fish

In this episode, Dan Sanchez, Director of Audience Growth at Sweet Fish Media shares how we are rethinking PPC and retargeting here at Sweet Fish and what's to come.

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Episode 1949 · 1 month ago

3 Ways to Win with Customer Communities

In this episode of the #CX series, Ethan Beute, Chief Evangelist at BombBomb, talks with Joe Huber, Customer Community Strategist at Sprout Social, about best practices for generating value for customers and for your company through communities - plus the biggest pitfall to avoid. 

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Episode 1947 · 1 month ago

The Future of B2B Growth & Why It Should Matter To You

In this episode, Dan Sanchez talks about the success of the B2B Growth show and what the next evolution will be to make it better in 2021. In the future, B2B Growth will be a combination of bi-monthly deep dives with a broad range of topics in between.