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Episode 1927 · 46 minutes ago

Holidays in 2020

Holidays in 2020

Episode 1923 · 23 hours ago

Success Despite Lockdowns: How to Market, Sell, and Do Events

In this 19th episode of the #Books series, Douglas Burdett, Founder of ARTILLERY, and James Muir, author of "The Perfect Close"(, recap some of the key ideas from the marketing and sales books recently featured on The Marketing Book Podcast. 

Episode 1922 · 23 hours ago

#NewPodcast: The Digital Builder

The Digital Builder podcast is for construction professionals working on the forefront of construction. If you are looking for conversations centered on where the industry is headed, this podcast is for you!​ 

Each episode features an interview with top construction professionals discussing themes related to connected construction and the future of the construction industry. 

In this episode of the #NewPodcast series, we share a part of the episode - 

How to Encourage Diversity & Inclusion in Construction w/ Allison Scott & Cliff Cole 

Check out the new show in Apple Podcasts or in your favorite podcast player. 

Episode 1921 · 6 days ago

Austin Belcak on Thought Leadership, Careers, & Finding Your Niche

In this episode we talk to Austin Belcak, Founder at Cultivated Culture. Austin shares his story on becoming a thought leader in the career niche and offers advice for others on getting started, finding your niche, and how to stand out. 

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